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ECOsponsible, LLC (ECO) is the Licensee for the Herkimer Hydroelectric Project located on the West Canada Creek in the Town of Herkimer, New York.  ECO hereby electronically files with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) the Notice of Intent (NOI) and accompanying Pre-Application Document (PAD) for the Herkimer Hydroelectric Project. These documents are being filed pursuant to 18 CFR §5.6 of the FERC’s regulations. They are also available at the following link for electronic download:


ECO is concurrently submitting a request to use FERC’s Traditional Licensing Process (TLP) with the NOI and PAD. ECO anticipates that the use of the TLP will provide an efficient and effective licensing approach for all parties involved. Pursuant to the requirements of 18 CFR §5.3, ECO has incorporated a request to use the TLP in this NOI. Public notice was published in the Times-Telegram Newspaper on April 04, 2022. 


ECO will schedule the Joint Agency Meeting (JAM) after FERC has issued a determination on the use of the TLP. Further information will be distributed to interested stakeholders concurrent with ECO’s public notice of the meeting. If there are any questions regarding this matter, do not hesitate to contact me at


Respectfully submitted,


Dennis Ryan

Manager, ECOsponsible, LLC

Licensee Herkimer Hydroelectric Project

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