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About Us

Our organization was founded for one purpose. To help consumers live an ECOsponsible lifestyle, reducing our carbon footprint, and leaving a better world behind for future generations. 

Why ECOsponsible?

50% of New York States Power is mandated to be from a renewable source by 2030.


ECOsponsible is currently involved in development of its "30-by-2020" plan. This plan envisions the development and commissioning of 30-MegaWatts of utility-scale renewable energy capacity in New York State by the year 2020. 


The Economic benefits of buying locally generated electricity are numerous.


  • The BUYER will be purchasing 100% renewable energy.

  • Power is generated locally; creating local jobs.

  • The PPA will lock in the price of electric paid for the term of the agreement; eliminating unexpected rate increases.

  • For more savings the BUYER can reduce its average cost for electricity by about 19% by participating in "Remote Net Metering Program" with ECOsponsible.


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